When We Were Us by Tawdra Kandle

When I finished this book I was lost. I wanted to rip Nate apart piece by little piece. I wanted to beat the hell out of Leo. And Quinn, I wanted to smack her too, but then by the very end of the book, I just wanted to cry and hug her bc I understand all too well what she’s going through. By the way, I LOVED THIS BOOK. It’s definitely different from other books that Tawdra has written, but in a good way. I’m going to be thinking about this book until the next one releases. Def a 5 star story.

Nate, Leo, and Quinn are the three musketeers! Inseparable. Best friends until the end of time. Then hormones come along, high school comes, and things never stay the same. Nothing ever remains the same. Life is never that simple. This book is so realistic. Maybe more so to me because I was basically in the same spot as Quinn. I relate to Quinn’s character in so many ways it’s scary. This is a wonderfully written, heartfelt story that will make you cry, scream, wish bodily harm on the characters, and then make you want to just hold them and hug them. Tawdra definitely knows who to emotionally exhaust you with her story. It is well worth the read and I know the next book in this trilogy will be so worth the wait.



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