Staking a Claim by Devon McKay

I was in love with this book from chapter 1. It is so wonderfully written, and the characters are dynamic yet relatable. I was unable to put this book down once I started reading. Blake is the ruff gruff mountain man type. Very dreamy yet almost unattainable…almost. Sam is a city girl all the way, or so everyone (including herself) thinks. Sparks fly between Blake and Sam almost immediately. He wants to hate her because he thinks she stands for all that will destroy his home and the land. His best friend likes her even less. Doesn’t make for a happy place but Sam refuses to be discouraged. This book definitely had a few twists that I was not expecting. I couldn’t have written a better last part of this book better. It is absolutely perfect! Can’t wait to read more from Devon McKay.



One thought on “Staking a Claim by Devon McKay

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