Playing the Game (Renegades #3) by Melody Heck Gatto

Melody is genius. I can’t put this series down. In this book Tyler finally gets his chance at a HEA. Question is, will he blow it? This book is filled with interesting twists and turns. I pretty much read it from beginning to end in one day. I immediately started book #4 when I finished. It is really amusing watching Tyler get in trouble and then try to explain his way out. I was a little amused watching him get benched (he deserved it). He has a long way to go before he can become the guy that deserves a HEA. Everything happens for a reason though.

After Gia “broke” his heart, more like ego, Tyler has become a complete and total jerk. He has become a man whore and a drunk. He has also started picking fights with Patrick on the ice. The team captain is not much of a captain anymore.

Paige works for the Renegades in the PR department. She has been tasked with cleaning up behind Tyler media wise. She tries to put a positive spin on all his bad choices caught on social media. Easier said than done. She also has a massive crush on Tyler, which she must keep a secret. It is against her boss’ rules for players to fraternize with Renegades employees.

Paige starts to fill Tyler’s thoughts, and eventually his heart. Can he change his ways and become the Tyler of old or is he doomed to be alone?



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