Zambonis and Mistletoe (Renegades #4) by Melody Heck Gatto

I am loving this series by Melody. I just knew at the end of book #3 that Rhylee would be getting a book, I just didn’t know who she would fall in love with. It was not who I was thinking but Melody knows what she is doing, and boy did she make a great choice. This book was funny, heart breaking in some parts and light-hearted in others. I love getting to catch up with characters from previous books too. I can’t wait for book #5 to be released.

Rhylee is alone for the 1st time in her life. Paige has moved in with Tyler, Gram has moved to a retirement community, and Rhylee is living in her childhood home all alone. A freak accident on the ice at the arena throws her and Renegades GM, Nick, together. He wants to make sure she is ok and that she gets the medical attention she needs. He soon wants to make sure she gets all the attention she needs. Rhylee isn’t sure she will ever have room in her heart to love again though. I loved following their journey to love. Rhylee is definitely a stubborn one. Good for her Nick isn’t one to give up easily.



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