All He Wants – Billy & Maxi (Crossroads Book 9) by Melanie Shawn

I need more stars! I loved this book more than I can say. I had my doubts from the blurb because I read it as a suspense romance and I don’t like suspense. Well am I glad that I didn’t judge this book by it’s cover…or blurb! There was a touch of suspense but this book was definitely all romance!

I think I could have read another whole book just about Billy and Maxi! I love when a book keeps me guessing, and isn’t completely predictable. I definitely didn’t have everything figured out about this book. I also could have smacked Billy and Maxi both one good time. They both wanted each other but never really let the other know. There were definitely a lot of emotions in this book. Billy has been Maxi’s day dream Prince Charming and Knight in Shining Armor since the first day she met him. Maxi is Billy’s whole world, and when she’s in danger he can’t let her out of his sight. She soon realizes she doesn’t want to be out his sight…ever again. When their stars finally align it is earth shattering for sure!



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