Changing on the Fly: A Hockey Charity Anthology by Cherylanne Corneille, Avon Gale, V.L. Locey, Heather Lire, Mary Smith, Samantha Wayland

This anthology was a good read. I didn’t love every story in it, but the good outweighed the bad. I love M/M romances so this was right up my alley. Even if I didn’t love every story in this anthology the fact that proceeds go to charity is enough reason to give it a try!

“Even Strength” by Cherylanne Corneille did not hold my attention. At the end I was confused because I had expected more emotion, conflict, just more everything. It had the makings of a good story but it needs a little more. I didn’t buy Nate and Tristian as a couple. I kinda expected the story to go a totally different direction.

“Next Season” by Avon Gale was pretty awesome. I haven’t read anything by her before but I think I will have to change that. This story was well written and held my attention. I was surprised at how well she told the story in such a small amount of words! There are some steamy good scenes too!

“Going Home” by Heather Lire was a decent story. I was a little upset that it ended as abruptly as it did, but I have heard rumors that there is more to come from this story. I don’t know whether to be excited waiting for more or ticked because I’m being teased! I will be sure to read the rest of this story.

“On Broadway” by V.L. Locey was a good story. I always hate how short anthology stories are but this one was pretty good. The characters were attention catching but wish there could have been a little more depth to them. Again, hard to do with short stories. I have yet to be disappointed with something Locey has written!

“The Brother and the Retired Player” by Mary Smith was not my favorite story in this collection. It was not really believable and I couldn’t connect with the characters. I haven’t read anything by Smith before so I can’t say if all of her stories are like this. I didn’t hate to concept of the story so it might have been better if she would have had more space to work with. I would definitely give a full length a try before I decided I didn’t like her writing style.

“Take A Shot” by Samantha Wayland was really good. Not a bad choice for the last story in the collection. I loved the storyline. Who doesn’t love friends to lovers stories! As usual I wish there was more story to read but that’s anthologies for you. I would definitely read other books by Wayland.


I received this anthology in exchange for an honest review


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